Best Running Gear for Professionals

Popular belief says that running is one of the cheapest and simplest sports to practice. You only need a pair of running shoes to start, right? If you live near a beach, you can run barefoot and cut costs even more. However, the truth is once you start running more serious distances, the need for different running gear increases.
Let’s see what are some pieces of running gear that professional runners swear by and cannot imagine going out for a run without.

A Hydration Belt

Whether you’re running during hot summer months or cold winter days, you need to stay hydrated when running. A hydration belt will make this a lot easier because it eliminates the need for carrying a water bottle in your hands at all times. Therefore, it is an absolute must, especially if you’re running long distances.

Anti-Chafe Balm

Running consists of repeatedly performing one and the same motion, which means that your body parts repeatedly rub against each other and against your clothes. This can create big problems for you, especially in warm and wet weather, where friction increases. Applying anti-chafe balm to the most critical areas will prevent wounds and blisters from appearing and secure you a happy run.

A GPS Watch

Technology has made it much easier for runners to have structured training and plan their workouts. GPS watches are the most popular running gadgets because they can measure time, distance, pace, heartbeat, VO2 Max, and so much more. The most advanced GPS watches can even tell you how much rest you need after a run and whether you are properly hydrated.

Proper Running Shoes

Beginner runners usually make a mistake by not investing in proper running shoes. Running in your everyday shoes will impact your body’s mechanics and increase your risk of injuries. Professional running shoes have special foam paddings in the sole, which absorb much of the impact created with each stride. Otherwise, most of that impact would be absorbed by your knees, which could seriously damage them in the long run.

Running Apparel

Going for a run in just any cotton shorts and a cotton t-shirt is possible but not advisable. Running apparel, including shorts, t-shirts, socks, and tights, are made from special synthetic materials which help your body cool down and dry out quickly to prevent sweat from weighing you down. Thus, investing in high-quality running apparel will improve your running results by miles. Literally.