The Ironman Triathlon

Our bodies are amazing. We are yet to create a machine that is so well-built, sturdy, and that adapts to virtually any kind of change the way our bodies do. In fact, we are so confident in our physique, that we push our bodies to the brink of injury for fun, and compare ourselves with other people to see who can withstand the strain better. This is how sports came to be, and why they are so popular all over the planet. People enjoy both playing and watching others compete; some even like to place a few bets while they’re at it. Unfortunately, the pandemic has made it impossible for many people to do these things.  It is good that there are so many websites and online casinos that offer the real betting experience at home; many of them even offer Bookmaker Bonus Codes to new members, to make the players’ experience as close to the real deal as possible.

People can still exercise and do sports if they act carefully and responsibly towards others, and one of the best events that allow you to showcase your endurance and fitness is the Ironman Triathlon.

What is a triathlon composed of?

Triathlon is probably one of the most famous forms of endurance races, and as its name suggests, it consists of three parts –swimming, cycling, and running. It features no breaks from the beginning to the end, and the winner is the person that crosses the finish line first. Of course, there are some variations, but they relate to the length of the race, as not everyone is physically capable of withstanding such strain. Triathlons for children and amateurs are easier all around the world, although the required distances are somewhat different depending on the country the athletes are competing in.

How is the Ironman Triathlon different?

The Ironman Triathlon takes this already difficult competition to a new level. This race consists of a 2.4-mile swim, a 112-mile-long bike ride, and a 26.22-mile-long marathon. The harsh conditions that the racers are subjected to make this race one of the most difficult competitions in the world. What makes this race exceptionally difficult is the fact that the race needs to be completed within the course of a single day; the contestants begin at 7 am and have until midnight to finish. Any contestant that succeeds in completing all of the tasks within the prescribed time limits earns the title of “Ironman”. Since its beginnings in the 70s, the event became so popular around the world that the Hawaii Ironman race became The Ironman World Championship, and athletes could compete against one another by winning an Ironman race.

How to start competing

First of all, do not even think about starting to compete if you are not already a seasoned athlete, as this will be incredibly difficult and practically impossible if you are not already acquainted with marathon running, long-distance swimming, and cycling. It will take half a year or more of relatively intense training to get you into shape for competing in the Ironman. Of course, there is no bottom limit for the number of hours that you need to train for the Ironman, but the math is very simple –if you skip your training and do not commit, the race will be all the more difficult and almost impossible to complete. But if you are determined and dedicated, you just might be able to do it.