How to Make Your Run Better – Tips and Tricks

Running has always been in the interest of humans, whether they were running for their lives from dinosaurs or chasing animals in hopes of getting some food once they tire. Those days are fortunately over and today, running is done as a form of recreation or professionally, as there are many disciplines related to running.

As a sport, running also tends to attract bettors, both offline and online. Many people who bet on athletics read reviews on various bookmakers and search for possible bonus codes in order to have a better chance at winning. Just as you invest effort in research about running competitions and runners, you can also discover what needs to be done to improve your running technique so that you yourself can get better at running. Here are some tips to get you going.

Get your Form Right

The best thing you can do for yourself when performing any sort of exercise is getting the form right. Imagine doing a deadlift or a weighted squat wrong and injuring your back. Right, that’s easy to imagine because of all the extra weight. Not unlike that, running with a bad form can lead to multiple injuries, starting from your back and knees.

Do not land heel first if you want your back to have a great day. Land on your midsole. Likewise, be wary of running on your toes as that will put extra stress on the knees, something most people can really do without.

Do not run in long strides as that takes too much energy away and promotes an inefficient technique. Instead, have normal strides which do not require needless effort to be wasted. Think of a step a bit longer than what you would do when walking. Likewise, avoid short steps when running as that is even more inefficient.

When it comes to the upper body, you should have it relaxed and your arms at a 90-degree angle, moving forward and backward, near your body and not far away. You want to be aerodynamic and not put pressure on your shoulders. Your torso should be relatively relaxed as you are working out different muscles.

Once you get your form right, you can start focusing on the exercises themselves.

Perform Different Kinds of Running

Sticking to the same type of running will not get you very far, unless you run for a long time. Seriously, though, the same exercise for months on can get you only so far as the body adapts relatively quickly. Changing exercises is a great way of shocking your body and promoting progress.

Interval training is great as you do short bursts of high speed running which do wonders for your VO2MAX. Be careful when doing intervals as you should warm up before actually starting them, as with any high-intensity workouts.

Long, slow distance running also helps with your endurance and overall mental challenges which you would be facing on a long race or run.

Mix them up, never both in the same day.


This is an important part of running as it keeps your muscles flexible and healthy. Stiff muscles lead to injuries. Rest frequently and never overtrain. Putting too much stress on your muscles leads to a longer recovery period, a thing you want to avoid when chasing progress.

These tips should help you start running better. There are certainly more things, minor details which can also help, but these are also a good start.

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