The Most Anticipated Marathons in 2020

Everyone loves a good race. Horse racing is particularly popular in the world of sports. It is also a favorite of punters, almost like any other race. Formula 1 races are also extremely popular. Almost any racing sport is tied to sports betting in a way. Races are often pretty simple, rule-wise, which is why punters are drawn to them. Some even strive to find bonuses and promotional codes for online bookmakers, like this 22Bet Bonus. With a bonus, experienced punters get another chance to win.

But, for marathon runners, there are multiple ways that one can win a race. Getting a good head start, maintaining your pace, or simply saving your energy for the last couple of kilometers. Everyone has their own tactic. They will have plenty of opportunities to test their skills at the most anticipated 2020 marathons.

The Paris Marathon – France

There is nothing like visiting the City of Love, right? Whether a lovely summer stroll by the Seine, or a winter visit, one that can only get so romantic, Paris is a city you must visit. If you are a runner, heading into the 2020 season, Paris is also a city you should mark on your map. On the 5th of April, around 40,000 people or so, line up to start running. The marathon takes you through lovely Parisian streets, starting at the Champs Elysees, and slowly moving towards notable monuments like the Eiffel Tower, the Notre Dame, while the finish line will put you in the sights of the Arc de Triomphe. It is a race best experienced in person. Oh, and in typical French fashion, they give you cheese and wine during the race.

The Great Wall of China Marathon – China

If you still have energy after the Paris marathon, you should head over to China. During the 16th of May, just shy of 3000 people race in the Great Wall of China marathon. It obviously runs along the top of the Great Wall, but it also has a flat area, which, to be frank, is a larger part of the marathon. Oh, it is not because the Wall isn’t long enough, it is because the wall changes altitude very quickly, with steep climbs and difficult descents. It is a very difficult race and those fond of skyrunning should find this marathon very welcoming. Be prepared to be faced with extreme heat, always around 40 degrees Celsius.

The Kenya Marathon – Kenya

If you thought that the Chinese marathon was difficult, prepare yourself for another challenge. Imagine lovely grasslands, beautiful African landscapes, zebras, rhinos and sometimes, even lions. That doesn’t seem safe, right? You would be quite wrong. The Kenya Marathon has patrols of rangers everywhere and two helicopters circling the route and letting anybody know if there is a potential danger for the runners. This way, the runners get to experience Kenya at its finest. The race takes place on the 29th of June.

These are some of the world’s most anticipated marathons for the year 2020. Get your running shoes ready!