Top Running Games You Can Enjoy Online

I was browsing the net the other day and watching conspiracy theories on YouTube when my daughter asked (well, demanded, really) to stop what I was doing so that she could play her running game (she was talking about Subway Surfers). When I pointed out that she can play it on her phone, it dawned on me that she was just trying to spend some time with me. After some extensive research, we’ve found a few games that we love playing together.

Temple Run

It’s important to remember where things started. Before Angry Gran Run and Subway Surfers, we had Temple Run, a game where you help your characters dodge obstacles and collect as many tokens and power-ups as possible, in an attempt to escape the endless maze. Like Cleveland in Family Guy said: “You don’t win. You just do a little better each time.” It inspired the creation of countless other games based on the same principle. So, if you have a mobile device, go for it.

Super Mario Run

Unlike many other Mario games, the running here doesn’t stop. You just tap on the screen in order to jump and collect coins. The stages are amazing, the art is beautiful and you can unlock additional characters with their unique abilities, like Daisy’s double jump. Nintendo has manages to keep up with the times. This is the simplest Mario game there is, as well as one of the most interesting.


My daughter just adores this one. QWOP is a browser game that uses ragdoll physics. If you’re unfamiliar with that concept, the game may seem frustrating to you at first. Ragdoll games usually involve you controlling a human character by moving their limbs individually. Because this is something our brains do automatically with our bodies, we don’t stop to think how intricate the process is, which makes for some hilarious running attempts. The 100m dash race often ends at the 30m mark. It’s a great running game for those who don’t take things too seriously.

Robot Unicorn Attack

If you want an alternative running game, that involves rainbows, unicorns, gentle background music, with just a tiny hint of awesome (or if you have a forty-pound siren with pigtails telling you to play the Unicorn game), Robot Unicorn Attack is for you. The commands are simple, you use Z to jump and double-jump, while X allows you to dash and destroy obstacles. All in all, an interesting game, though I am not a big fan of the Robot Unicorn head on the Game Over screen. Robot Unicorn Attack is a browser game.