Why You Should Join a Local Running Club

Many joggers choose to run alone. Some even find the experience of running with others a bit scary, for fear of not being good enough. In this article, we dispel such worries and explore the benefits of doing it together!

Motivation: Joining a club is a great way to stay motivated. First of all, don’t worry that you will be left behind. Running clubs are made of members of all skill levels, from experts to recreational runners. That being said, joining a running group is actually much more challenging than running solo. The peer pressure will push you to go on even when your brain is telling you to stop. Also, group accountability will help you stay committed and not miss a session.

Coaching: Another way joining a running club will improve your training is the expert advice you will get from your coach, as well as tips and trick you will hear from other runners. This way, you will improve your technique and make a better progress compared to running alone. It is easier to tune in on your body when someone else is leading the workout and designing the running programme.

Events: Your running buddies might recommend races you haven’t heard of before. Also, some clubs offer exclusive access to local races, making it more cost-effective if you are planning to run more races in one season.

Socializing: Another reason why you should definitely join a running group is that you will meet many interesting and inspiring people from all walks of life. Who knows, perhaps you’ll even find friends for life!

To sum up, joining a running club is a rewarding experience that will help you improve beyond what you thought was possible. Together, you will grow healthier, happier and fitter!

When joining a club, make sure that you are enjoying it, that you feel supported, included and motivated by other members of the group. If you also feel that you are learning and improving in this environment, you’ve definitely found your tribe!

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