Who Are the Best Marathon Runners Today?

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No matter if you’re a casual marathon fan or an avid punter on the sport, you should know who are the greatest active runners in the world.

World Leading Runners of Today

When we talk about the best athletes in this sport, we usually think about the great winners of the marathon or half-marathon races. With so many events and amazing record breaks we witnessed, it is not easy to make a list without omitting someone. 

Still, if we look at the numbers on the best-runner chart at the moment, we can see some well-known names that hold leading marathon times in both men and women categories.

Best Runners in Men Category

Eliud Kipchoge (KEN) is a 35-years-old long-distance runner from Kenya. He won Berlin Marathon in 2018 with 2:01:39, which was faster than the previous record for one minute and 18 seconds. So far, Kipchoge won 12 of 13 marathon races he attended and was proclaimed the greatest racer of this era.

Geoffrey Kamworor (KEN) is another young runner from Kenya who runs half-marathon and cross-country competitions. At this moment, his record from Copenhagen Half Marathon of 58:01 is officially the best time in the world.

Best Runners in Women Category

Brigid Jepscheschir Kosgei (KEN) was born in Kenya in 1994. She is the official record holder for women running in a mixed-race with 2:14:04 made at 2019 Chicago Marathon. She also won the same race one year before and the London Marathon in 2019.

Mary Jepkosgei Keitany (KEN) holds the record from 2017 London Marathon, women-only competition, with 2:17:01. She was also a half-marathon and 10-miles running champion for a long time.

Joyciline Jepkosgei (KEN) is a current half-marathon record-holder in a mix-gender race with 64:51. This record-breaker is the first woman who ran this race for less than 65 minutes.

Netsanet Gudeta (ETH) is another lady that holds the record but in a women-only category. Her best time is 66 minutes and 11 seconds.

We must also mention legendary names like Olympic medalist Deena Kastor, or the creator of Ultramarathon Dean Karnazes, as well as people who are record holders like Michel Wardin, Jess Movold or famous Jeff Dengate who entered the history of marathon races.